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Wall Tents 101

John, we broke the new tent in last weekend. It is sweet. Saturday night it really got broken in. We had a thunder storm move through and lightning hit a tree 100 yards from the tent. then a monson rain storm moved in and dumped over a third of an inch in about 10 minutes. Tent never even flinched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Why use Marine Boatshrunk Canvas for our tents?

Answer: Of all the many materials to build from, for our Super Grade wall tents we prefer only one: 10.38 oz Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk Army Duck. This is the very best tent material on the market, bar none! Regular duo fill canvas and Marine Canvas can be compared to the difference between regular plywood and marine plywood. Regular plywood has many uses but was never intended to be used in boat building. No matter what kind of paint is applied, it just won't work. That is the job marine plywood was made for. Like marine plywood, our Marine canvas was made for outdoor use.

Marine canvas has the warp and fill strands doubled up (making it stronger), the tightest weave, very high strength of weight ratio, excellent heat retention and water repellency. Because Marine Canvas is pre-shrunk, shrinkage is only 1-3% compared to regular canvas at 7-8%. When sewn with our special thread, chemical seam sealing isn't necessary. Superior design, materials and workmanship by experienced craftsmen, make Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tents the extreme weather wall tent.

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