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You can send us a CUSTOM ORDER with your exact specifications and we will work up a quote for you. Complete the form below to send a CUSTOM ORDER. Your order will be considered as placed when a signed work order is returned to us, with a deposit. All custom work sales are final due to the nature of the product.

Important Note

It is quite common for our customers to book months in advance to purchase a Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tent. The Tent calendar fills quickly and tents are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis! We recommend that you place your tent order in a timely manner to avoid disappointment.

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Our Quality Guarantee

We at BRAVO! MFG Inc. go to great lengths to ensure your tent is free from flaws. We buy only first quality canvas finished in the USA and all panels and seams are continually inspected during the manufacturing process. Bravo! offers a “common sense” guarantee. If a flaw is found in the tent due to a mistake in workmanship, we will be glad to repair it or replace it at our discretion. We are not responsible for maintenance of the tent or for repairs caused by accidents, or wear and tear.

We believe in producing high quality products applying ourselves to top notch workmanship and making satisfied customers. As we said before, we design, build and use our own equipment. Our desire is to provide our customers with equipment that will perform and last beyond their expectations.

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