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There are a variety of fabrics to choose from but Bravo uses the very best canvas type and treatments for the superior design of our Super Grade and Guide series wall tents. Our choice is specifically SUNFORGER MARINE BOATSHRUNK ARMY DUCK. We have this material in two different weights and two colors. Our fabric is also finished here in the USA and is the real deal. One must be very careful as Sunforger or copy cat type treatments can be put on just about anything including single and dual fill canvas. I assure you they are not the same. You must have all five words and it must be “finished” in the USA or the performance and durability will differ greatly.

There are three main groups of canvas that most all wall tents, both domestic and import, are made of. So let’s examine them one by one so you will know the difference and can make a wise investment.


his fabric has north – south strands called warp strands and single east – west strands loosely woven through the single warp strands to form the fabric. This canvas can be bought in different oz. weights including 10 oz. with or without treatments. Single fills are the least desirable fabrics from which to have a tent made from as they (like dual fill canvas) shrink an astounding minimum of 7-8%. Tents made of this material are cold, weak and will not last long but the buyer got a so called “good deal”.
Like single fill canvas this fabric still only has single warp (north – south strands) but has doubled up the fill (east – west) strands that are woven through the single warp strands to form the fabric. This canvas can also be bought in different weights including 10 oz with or without any number of treatments including Sunforger and sub standerd overseas copy-cat type treatments. Dual fills are only slightly better than single fill canvas so be very careful. A lot of people have been fooled by this one.

Tents made from this fabric are generally “CUT to SIZE” and therefore will finish much smaller than the actual size stated including the side wall height. Tents made of this material generally also have many other corners cut so they can offer at a lower price point but in the long run the poor quality will cost you more when you have to replace it sooner. Shrinkage is also an astounding 7-8 % minimum! It is quite common for these tents to not fit the frames correctly and have some of the same problems as single fill canvas AT HUNTING CAMP including torn canvas, torn out grommets on the eves and bottom of the tent and blown plastic “freeze resistant self healing zippers.”

Just like buying wall tents made overseas, if your wall tent is made of this type of material it will not last long but you will get a “good deal”. We are here and very happy to do the repairs.


SUNFORGER MARINE BOATSHRUNK ARMY DUCK: This fabric is very unique and is NOT to be confused with the old green army canvas. In over 24 years of building our extreme weather Super Grade wall tents we have yet to find a better material for wall tents period.  Best of all our Canvas is made from Ring Spun Cotton rather than the cheaper and more prevalent Open End Cotton.


It has the strength advantage . Unlike single or dual fill canvas , both the north – south and the east – west strands are twisted together and then are woven through each other to form a very, very tight and strong weave. In fact our 10 oz. Sunforger marine boatshrunk army duck has the strength of 14 oz regular canvas. When you are comparing rope, hemp and nylon rope may weigh the same but one is certainly stronger than the other. Canvas is kind of like that . It may be of the same color and weigh the same but definitely different in performance and durability.


this canvas is also DOUBLE TREATED for mildew resistance and water repellency with Sunforger. There is a huge difference in canvas and treatments from brand to brand and store to store. Everyone has their own recipe for quality. Our tents have been tested thoroughly in the field in all types of extreme weather and have come out ahead. Just check out the proof on our testimonials page.


This canvas is pre-shrunk and will have a very minimal shrinkage left in it . Generally a maximum of only 1 to 3 % compared to cheaper canvas which will shrink a minimum of 7-8 % .
In essence Sunforger marine boatshrunk army duck has the highest strength to weight ratio, best heat retention, water repellency and mildew resistance of any other canvas on the market, period. This type of quality material is more expensive than the other grades of canvas and some companys have tried to duplicate the process using overseas manufacturing but so far they have failed to meet the standard of the real thing. Tent builders and manufacturers in the US are able to purchase the fabric in first quality goods and seconds. Due to the expense of first quality fabric, some budget companies purchase seconds without customer knowledge. We recommend thorough research of tent companys and their products.

What can you expect from the superior design of a Bravo Super Grade wall tent made with our Premium first quality Sunforger marine boat shrunk army duck? The same thing we expect from our personal tents as we use the same thing we build for you. Strength, superior durability, performance, and the satisfaction of owning the best tent money can buy.

Bravo Wall Tents. Built by elk hunters for elk hunters.

As a professional Guide and Outfitter, I rely on my equipment to perform in the harshest of environments each and every time. That’s why I have been relying on Bravo Tents for over 15 years.I have used my tents in the harshest snows of Montana, pounding rain in the Pacific NW and the Desert Mountains of New Mexico and Arizona.

My Bravo Tents have performed high above expectations each and every time. This is why Bravo tents are my number one choice!!!

Mike Jenkins

Upfront Outfitters