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Canvas Wall Tent Repairs

Bravo repairs all domestic and import wall tent brands

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Cheaper tents don’t last….

Life expectancy of wall tents vary from brand to brand. Wall tents are far cheaper than campers and RV ‘ S but can get expensive in a hurry if they need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years because of a poor choice of investment. Contrast this with a well made wall tent.

We talk with customers that have our tents and still enjoy them after 20 years of hard service. Bravo wall tents are built by elk hunters for elk hunters. The proven dependability of a Bravo Super Grade wall tent far exceeds the initial investment of an outfit you”ll be thrilled to own.

Bravo repairs all domestic and import wall tent brands.

Damage to wall tents generally does not happen at home. Trouble happens at camp. Poor quality in the common wall tents of our day has jeopardized or trashed many a hunt.

There are several places on a typical wall tent where we can offer repairs:

  • blown plastic zippers
  • torn out grommets
  • torn canvas
  • bad seam stitching
  • stove jacks
  • torn sod cloth
  • missing stake loops
  • window and door screens
  • mould and mildew
  • and solve tent frame issues related to incorrect roof pitch angles and poor fit.

We also do complete tent restoration.


Our Quality Guarantee

We at BRAVO!MFG Inc. go to great lengths to ensure your tent is free from flaws. We buy only first quality canvas finished in the USA and all panels and seams are continually inspected during the manufacturing process. Bravo! offers a “common sense” guarantee. If a flaw is found in the tent due to a mistake in workmanship, we will be glad to repair it or replace it at our discretion. We are not responsible for maintenance of the tent or for repairs caused by accidents, or wear and tear.

We believe in producing high quality products applying ourselves to top notch workmanship and making satisfied customers. As we said before, we design, build and use our own equipment. Our desire is to provide our customers with equipment that will perform and last beyond their expectations.

We offer a range of options and accessories to help you make your camp the best it can be…

Every tent at Bravo! is custom made to order as per your specifications and needs. This allows us to incorporate a range of tent options such as windows, back doors, room dividers, and stove jacks as needed. We also carry other tent configurations which are meant to be used as cook shacks, outdoor showers, and cover porches. If you need a special tent for a specific purpose or have a more custom configuration in mind, Click Here to use our Custom Order Form and get a quote.