Bravo! MFG. INC.

There are a variety of fabrics to choose from but Bravo uses the very best canvas type and treatments for the superior design of our Super Grade and Guide series wall tents. Our choice is specifically SUNFORGER MARINE BOATSHRUNK ARMY DUCK.

In essence Sunforger marine boatshrunk army duck has the highest strength to weight ratio, best heat retention, water repellency and mildew resistance of any other canvas on the market, period. This type of quality material is more expensive than the other grades of canvas and some companies have tried to duplicate the process using overseas manufacturing but so far they have failed to meet the standard of the real thing.

What can you expect from the superior design of a Bravo Super Grade wall tent made with our Premium first quality Sunforger marine boat shrunk army duck? The same thing we expect from our personal tents as we use the same thing we build for you. Strength, superior durability, performance, and the satisfaction of owning the best tent money can buy.

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