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Why are Bravo Tents Different?

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BRAVO SUPER GRADE WALL TENTS are manufactured here in the USA using top grade materials with a superior design to ensure that you have one of the strongest, longest lasting wall tents on the market.

When buying a wall tent, look, research, and ask about these key points in how the wall tent is designed, the type of materials used, and the manufacturing process.


Ridge-holes in a wall tent are another area of which the customer should be aware. An open hole at the top of a wall tent allows the release of heat and possible incursion of elements into the living space. All BRAVO Super Grade Wall Tents come standard with a closeable ridge-hole cover to provide comfort and ventilation.


Brass zippers are longer-lasting, abrasion-resistant, and are best for door applications. Plastic/nylon coil zippers, do not have the longevity in the field like heavy duty brass zippers.

In addition, zippers should be covered with a storm flap and have a secondary door closure system for security and inclement weather conditions. Each BRAVO tent has a storm flap and a reinforced buckle system as the secondary door closure system.


Bravo Tents are designed with a taller 5 ft sidewall and 8 to 10 ft ridge resulting in a steeper pitch. Steep roof pitches provide for better run off of rain and snow. Flatter roof pitches can allow for accumulation of rain and snow causing leaks, tears, and possible collapse. At BRAVO, we use a roof pitch that is steep enough to ensure proper run off for longevity of the tent.


Seams on a wall tent are a critical area of possible failure. During our research, we found that two-layer overlap seams do not have the strength necessary to hold during harsh weather and long-term use. So, at BRAVO, we build our Super Grade wall tents with four-layer, interlocking body seams to ensure dependability of our product for years to come.


Our DIY steel angle joints are custom made to fit any steel frame wall tent including frames made by other manufacturers. Our high quality have braced frame angles unlike most other manufacturers. In addition our angle joints are designed to fit 1 3/8 inch diameter steel rods instead of the standard 1 inch diameter adding to the strength of our tents.


There are three types of reinforcements that protect the tent in the corners and peaks; square, round, and triangular. The reinforcement is supposed to provide protection and strengthening of the tent canvas against wear in critical stress areas of a tent. Square type reinforcements are the weakest type. Round type function better, but do not direct stress on the canvas properly. BRAVO manufactures all of our tents with the longer-lasting triangular reinforcement.


Other wall tents have light duty two inch, single stitched eaves with grommets crimped into the canvas. To ensure that our customers enjoy comfort without the fear of losing the wall tent during strong winds, BRAVO manufactures each Super Grade wall tent with heavy duty four inch, double stitched eaves and stainless steel, welded “D” ring attachment points sewn onto the wall tent.


14 oz heavy duty non-rotting sod cloth and 3500 pound breaking strength web stake loops that will hold a real tent stake. All of Bravo Tent’s high quality components are designed for superior performance.


Every Bravo Tent comes with an oversized heavy-duty zippered tent bag to hold your tent making it easier to transport and keeping it safe from the elements during storage.

The Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tent Advantage

Quality Design

Our design features include: a full 9’ ridge and 5’ sidewall for a steeper pitch; double stitched 4” eves with “D” rings instead of grommets to avoid pullout; storm flap and buckles over an industrial strength brass door zipper (instead of plastic door zippers found on common tents); doors can be buckled wide open; triangulated reinforcements at critical stress areas; and so much more.

The Materials Used

Of all the many materials to build from for our Super Grade Wall Tents we prefer only one: specifically 10.38 oz. Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk Army Duck. This is the very best tent material on the market, Bar None! The difference between regular duo fill canvas and Marine Canvas can be compared to the differences between regular plywood and marine plywood.

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Our Guarantee

We at Bravo! MFG. Inc. go to great lengths to insure your tent is free from flaws. We buy only first quality canvas, and all panels and seams are thoroughly inspected during the manufacturing process. Bravo! offers a “common sense” guarantee for your Super Grade Wall Tent. If a flaw is found in the tent due to a mistake in workmanship, we will be glad to repair it, or replace it at our discretion.

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