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Not all Wall Tents are created EQUAL

BRAVO SUPER GRADE WALL TENTS are manufactured here in the USA using top grade materials with a superior design to ensure that you have one of the strongest, longest lasting wall tents on the market. Because of our strict dedication to quality materials, manufacturing processes, and design for over 30 years, our customers still enjoy the use of our wall tents in the field, even after over 30 years of hard service and tough weather conditions. When you make the decision to buy a BRAVO product, you choose to buy from a family of hunters who build their tents for hunters and have a desire to manufacture the best tents available on the market.
Many wall tents on the market are made of lower grade materials and are manufactured using a “cheap-to-produce” design. Some wall tents are manufactured over-seas with cheaper materials resulting in a short life-expectancy in the field , while other wall tents are manufactured cheaply to put more profit in the job, sacrificing the longevity of the wall tent and long term satisfaction of the customer. We believe that a wall tent is an investment that will reward the customer with years of enjoyment, not punish them season after season with frustration and problems.

Know what you are buying

When buying a wall tent, look, research, and ask about these key points in how the wall tent is designed, the type of materials used, and the manufacturing process.


Research is critical in designing tents. While a tent may look good on paper, it may not hold up to use and weather conditions in the field. At BRAVO, we are constantly testing our products in the field where our customers will use them. We test durability, longevity, strength, ease-of-use, of every component of our tents to guarantee that our customers have the best quality in the field, where it really counts. Most importantly, we use our own products in the field for our activities. As a family of hunters, we know what the customer needs to be safe, secure, warm, and comfortable when the environment outside is less than hospitable.

Steep roof pitch to ensure proper run off
Steep roof pitches provide for better run off of rain and snow. Flatter roof pitches can allow for accumulation of rain and snow causing leaks, tears, and possible collapse. At BRAVO, we use a roof pitch that is steep enough to ensure proper run off for longevity of the tent.
Triangular reinforcements are superior
There are three types of reinforcements that protect the tent in the corners and peaks; square, round, and triangular. The reinforcement is supposed to provide protection and strengthening of the tent canvas against wear in critical stress areas of a tent. Square type reinforcements are the weakest type; they actually cause a weakening of the canvas due to the outer angle creating a potential for ripping of the canvas. Round type function better, but do not direct stress on the canvas properly. During the research process, we found that triangular reinforcement of the corners and peaks was superior to the other types, which is why BRAVO manufactures all of our tents with the longer-lasting triangular reinforcement. This type of reinforcement strengthens the canvas by sending the stress placed on these areas out towards the strong points of the canvas, reducing wear and protecting against rips and tears.
Brass zippers and storm flaps
Brass zippers are longer-lasting, abrasion-resistant, and are best for door applications. Plastic/nylon coil zippers, sometimes called “self healing” zipper, do not have the longevity in the field like heavy duty brass zippers. Over the course of our research in building quality, long lasting wall tents we at BRAVO have found that industrial strength brass zippers provide better reliability in the field on canvas wall tents which is why we only use them on our Super Grade wall tents.

In addition, zippers should be covered with a storm flap and have a secondary door closure system for security and inclement weather conditions. Small flaps covering the zipper without the secondary closure system do not provide the necessary security and protection from the elements. With each BRAVO Super Grade wall tent, we enhance the door entry by building in a storm flap and a reinforced buckle system as the secondary door closure system for peace-of-mind and protection in extreme weather conditions.

Heavy duty, double-stitched eaves
When using a canvas wall tent, it is understood that it will be used in inclement, and sometimes severe, weather conditions. The design of the wall tent should be such that it will provide security and comfort during such conditions without the worry of collapse or damage. Other wall tents have light duty two inch, single stitched eaves with grommets crimped into the canvas. To ensure that our customers enjoy comfort without the fear of losing the wall tent during strong winds, BRAVO manufactures each Super Grade wall tent with heavy duty four inch, double stitched eaves and stainless steel, welded “D” ring attachment points sewn onto the wall tent.
Four layer, interlocking body seams
Seams on a wall tent are a critical area of possible failure. A seam that is not designed adequately will result in leaks of rainwater or snowmelt, wind penetration, or, at the worst, failure of the stitching. During our research, we found that two-layer overlap seams do not have the strength necessary to hold during harsh weather and long-term use. So, at BRAVO, we build our Super Grade wall tents with four-layer, interlocking body seams to ensure dependability of our product for years to come.
Ridge hole covers come standard
Ridge-holes in a wall tent are another area of which the customer should be aware. An open hole at the top of a wall tent allows the release of heat and possible incursion of elements into the living space. All BRAVO Super Grade Wall Tents come standard with a closeable ridge-hole cover to provide comfort and ventilation.


Cut size versus finished size
There is a big difference in “cut size” and “finished size”. Cut size means that the canvas is cut to that size, and then manufactured into a wall tent. This means that the wall tent will always finish much smaller in length with shorter side walls, even before shrinkage. Finished size means that the specified height and length will be the same specified height and length after the manufacturing process. BRAVO manufactures all of our SUPER GRADE WALL TENTS with a true finished wall height of five feet, ridge height and the stated length.
EVERY INCH of fabric is inspected
Even though we buy only first quality premium goods, we perform a rigorous inspection process that is second to none. Every inch of fabric is inspected three times by back lighting, with a constant inspection during the entire manufacturing process, to avoid problems during the manufacturing process and to increase the longevity of our products. This inspection looks for pigment issues, blemishes, tears, and thread bare areas to make sure that our customers have the very best in quality for their investment.
Every component of our tents is inspected
We also inspect each seam, each eave, each attachment, each zipper, and every component of our tents before and during manufacturing to provide our customers a product that exceeds their expectations of performance. We are so concerned about quality that we perform this same dedication to our work when we repair other manufacturer’s tents.


The type and grade of canvas used in building walls tents is of the utmost importance and is the most expensive part of the tent. Using a lesser grade fabric will produce a tent that is weak, has less water and mildew resistance, and has a short life expectancy. Be cautious if the fabric is finished overseas as the quality of the fabric is not as consistent and often contains flaws that will cause problems later in the life of the tent. Always ask where the manufacturer gets their canvas and if they use “seconds”- canvas that is blemished, flawed or damaged, or unfinished. While these types of canvas may be cheaper initially for a customer, the end result will be a tent that will not stand up to the weather conditions in the field.

BRAVO Super Grade Wall Tents use premium, first quality, Sunforger® marine boat shrunk army duck canvas. This canvas is double treated, water repellant and mildew resistant. It is an outdoor use canvas with a very tight, plied yarn weave construction, loomed using smaller double twist yarns to create a smooth texture ideal for wall tents, making it resistant to tearing with a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent heat retention. This fabric is also finished here in the UNITED STATES. We offer our tents in two weights of canvas and in two color choices.

We want out customers to be 100% satisfied with their purchase which is why we put such a high priority on quality of materials, superiority of design, and the excellence in manufacturing. If you have further questions about our wall tents, or any wall tent for that matter, and need help researching any of these points we are always happy to help guide you to making the wise choice when buying a canvas wall tent.
John, we broke the new tent in last weekend. It is sweet. Saturday night it really got broken in. We had a thunder storm move through and lightning hit a tree 100 yards from the tent. then a monson rain storm moved in and dumped over a third of an inch in about 10 minutes. Tent never even flinched.

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