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It is our sincere desire to help you succeed in your outdoor pursuits! Therefore, we are committed to excellence in business, and are dedicated to building and supplying the very best outdoor equipment that money can buy, while continuing to remain affordable. Each and every piece of equipment in our catalog is worthy of the BRAVO! name and has been carefully designed, built, and tested to exceed the harsh demands of the real outdoor world. Our proven designs give professional outfitters, and sportsmen alike, dependable service year after year in places where the “EQUIPMENT DOESN’T LIE”!

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Testimonial from Caleb Viano of Wilderness Mule Outfitting

Hey John!
Thanks again for everything, you make a fantastic tent we are proud to represent in our business.  I have several hunters already planning on ordering their own personal tents from you after staying in ours.  Attached below is the link to the photos my photographer got this spring.  Feel free to use any images you like, I simply ask you give both my outfit and the photographer Sam Averett credit where applicable.  I guarantee this is only the beginning of the high quality content we plan to capture, and what I’m sure will be a long lasting relationship between us.

The  gallery of photos below are from a hunting trip with Wilderness Mule Outfitting ( and captured by photographer Sam Averett. Click on the photos for larger version.

Bravo Tent Experience – 2013 Wenaha Bull Hunt

I have been lucky enough to go on a couple of the Oregon Wenaha big bull hunts in recent years. This year (2013) the weather was as challenging and rough as it gets. During our hunt we had numerous sustained high wind events, falling trees, lots of snow and rain, and freezing temperatures. Our camp consisted of three wall tents (two large 15 x 21’s and one smaller 12 x 12). Fortunately two of those were Bravo’s with internal steel frames with the smaller of the two having your Bravo high wind package. Our third large wall tent (made by another very recognizable manufacturer) had a hybrid interior/exterior aluminum frame. We staked all tents with custom 2’ long steel staking and supplemented those by tying heavy logs around the perimeters….

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During a long day of packing a really nice bull out our camp was unoccupied. Mother Nature chose that opportunity to add one more freakish wind and snow storm to the mix. When I returned to camp hours later the non-Bravo tent, set up as a sleeping tent for our tag holder and one other member of our party, was on the ground rolled into a twisted mess snow and ice covered canvas, ropes, and bent and broken frame members. It was an incredible and disheartening mess. All of the bedding, sleeping bags, clothing, and expensive gear was sitting on the tent floor tarp soaked, frozen, and some electronics destroyed. All that could be done was to transfer all the water logged gear and bedding into the Bravo tents.

The only thing I can say is there may be other tent brands that may have withstood those weather conditions, but they would have been seriously tested. I don’t think it was any strange anomaly that the Bravo tents stayed up and completely dry (although there were times I wondered if mine might come down). John, I know how much thought and hands-on camping experience you put into your tents and the proof is in the pudding. If anyone asks me I’ll be telling them that IMHO a Bravo tent with the high wind package and snow slide would be a wise choice if you are late season elk hunting.
– Tom Lawler

Review of Bravo Tents by Candy Yow – Extreme Desire TV

Steve’s Guided Adventures

Bravo tents have been the back bone of my business and I can’t say enough about how well built they are. Your tents performed in the big storms we endured here in my home state of Washington last November. We endured 40-50 MPH winds and 1 ½-2 inches of rain for 3 solid days on our Elk hunt. It with stands the heavy winds, rain, snow along with keeping us warm and comfortable like we were at home.

Getting a good night’s sleep, being able to dry out our gear and having a comfortable meal is important after hiking several miles in a day chasing big game animals. Your tents provided comfort and performance needed to get the job done. Thank you for making a great product.

Good hunting,
Steve Leonard – Steve’s Guided Adventures

Inzana Outfitters

For the past 15 years Inzana Outfitters has been using Bravo Wall Tents. We have used and tested these tents out in the field in every kind of extreme weather and they have worked flawlessly. We have used Bravo Wall Tents in extreme wind, snow, rain, cold weather and for extended periods of time.

John has made some excellent upgrades to his tents which make them tough and durable and a step above the other wall tents out on the market.

Paul Trepus – Inzana Outfitters 

Upfront Outfitters

As a professional Guide and Outfitter, I rely on my equipment to perform in the harshest of environments each and every time. That’s why I have been relying on Bravo Tents for over 15 years.I have used my tents in the harshest snows of Montana, pounding rain in the Pacific NW and the Desert Mountains of New Mexico and Arizona.

My Bravo Tents have performed high above expectations each and every time. This is why Bravo tents are my number one choice!!!

Mike Jenkins – Upfront Outfitters


John, we broke the new tent in last weekend. It is sweet. Saturday night it really got broken in. We had a thunder storm move through and lightning hit a tree 100 yards from the tent. then a monson rain storm moved in and dumped over a third of an inch in about 10 minutes. Tent never even flinched.

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