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Wall Tents Custom Designed by a Master Craftsman

BRAVO SUPER GRADE WALL TENTS are manufactured here in the USA using top grade materials with a superior design to ensure that you have one of the strongest, longest lasting wall tents on the market. Because of our strict dedication to quality materials, manufacturing processes, and design for over 30 years, our customers still enjoy the use of our wall tents in the field, even after over 30 years of hard service and tough weather conditions. When you make the decision to buy a BRAVO product, you choose to buy from a family of hunters who build their tents for hunters and have a desire to manufacture the best tents available on the market.

The Bravo Advantage

Bravo! is a custom shop, and we also repair and modify other brands of wall tents. We continually repair the same problems. Specifically, plastic door zippers, torn out brass spur grommets on the eves and bottoms, torn ridge junctions, inferior stove jacks, and seam weaknesses. Surprisingly, some of these brand “x” tents are only a year or two old.

Wall Tents can be a sizeable investment even on an entry level unit. The difference in cost isn’t much between a low end outfit and a top of the line Wall Tent. We continually test and use our BRAVO! equipment. So we can offer real knowledge of actual performance. We here at Bravo! look forward to having the opportunity to address your questions and incorporate your creative ideas into the hunting camp you’ve always wanted. Please feel free to call and discuss your needs. Rest assured that when you buy Bravo’s Super Grade Outdoor Equipment, you have bought equipment you will be thrilled to own!

Our Philosphy

The new school believes that a given product should be built around what the majority of customers are most likely to want to spend on it, with little regard to performance. Make a cheap product with inferior materials. If it doesn’t last, the business world doesn’t care—it just means the customer will spend money to buy a new one that much sooner.

We at BRAVO! believe something quite different. Our family owned and operated business has a formula for success that’s really quite simple:

  1. Treat our customers the way we like to be treated.
  2. Use only the highest quality materials.
  3. Build the best wall tent money can buy,that lasts and performs beyond our customers expectations. We call our tent the BRAVO! Super Grade. Each tent is designed and built by elk hunters for elk hunters.

We welcome you to join us and all of our satisfied customers who own and use Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tents, season after season. We look forward to building the wall tent of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Our Quality Guarantee

We at BRAVO! MFG Inc. go to great lengths to ensure your tent is free from flaws. We buy only first quality canvas finished in the USA and all panels and seams are continually inspected during the manufacturing process. Bravo! offers a “common sense” guarantee. If a flaw is found in the tent due to a mistake in workmanship, we will be glad to repair it or replace it at our discretion. We are not responsible for maintenance of the tent or for repairs caused by accidents, or wear and tear.

We believe in producing high quality products applying ourselves to top notch workmanship and making satisfied customers. As we said before, we design, build and use our own equipment. Our desire is to provide our customers with equipment that will perform and last beyond their expectations.

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