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Q: How is the Bravo! Wall Tent superior to any Brand X tent?

Here at Bravo! we are hunters building for hunters. We not only build the Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tent, we use it. We are constantly designing and testing new equipment, and ideas. In addition to meeting the demand for new construction, we repair all brands of wall tents, and have seen their strengths and weaknesses.

There are several places that consistently go south on other brands of wall tents: inferior fabric ripping/giving away; plastic door zippers going out; grommets ripped out; and seams coming apart to just to mention a few. These design flaws can become a costly repair bill and ruin a once in a lifetime hunt. On a Bravo Super Grade Wall Tent every issue has been appropriately addressed for superior performance and longevity. Again the design is proven…not just built and then put on the market. All of our tents are backed by our guarantee, and are custom built to match the needs of each individual camp.

What makes Bravo! different from other companies?

We start with a proven business and building philosophy that is based on a simple formula for success.

  1. Treat our customers the way we want to be treated.
  2. Use only the highest quality materials.
  3. Build and supply the best wall tent and equipment possible, that is affordable, will last, and perform beyond the expectations of our customers.

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Why use Marine Boatshrunk Canvas for our tents?

Of all the many materials to build from, for our Super Grade wall tents we prefer only one: 10.38 oz Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk Army Duck. This is the very best tent material on the market, bar none! Regular duo fill canvas and Marine Canvas can be compared to the difference between regular plywood and marine plywood. Regular plywood has many uses but was never intended to be used in boat building. No matter what kind of paint is applied, it just won’t work. That is the job marine plywood was made for. Like marine plywood, our Marine canvas was made for outdoor use.

Marine canvas has the warp and fill strands doubled up (making it stronger), the tightest weave, very high strength of weight ratio, excellent heat retention and water repellency. Because Marine Canvas is pre-shrunk, shrinkage is only 1-3% compared to regular canvas at 7-8%. When sewn with our special thread, chemical seam sealing isn’t necessary. Superior design, materials and workmanship by experienced craftsmen, make Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tents the extreme weather wall tent.

What tent size will work best for our camp?

The best way to determine correct tent size is to do a layout on graph paper. Pencil in your cots, tables, stove etc. in different tent sizes. Allot ample space for food prep, clothes drying and general comfort, keeping in mind the length of your stay.

Where is the best location for our stove?

Stove jack placement is up to the individual consumer as to preference, however we highly recommend going out the side wall. This keeps your roof from being pitted as happens with a roof jack. Run your stove pipe at an angle for maximum draw. Placing your stove forward in the tent, allows you to come in and hang up your wet clothes on your drying racks without dripping through your sleeping area. The same is also true with carrying in your firewood.

How can we benefit from windows and backdoors?

In our company tents we have both. We like windows in the cooking and sleeping areas. This provides a way to look out when preparing meals and allows for ventilation when your stove runs too hot. A backdoor is also great for ventilation, loading and unloading, placing two tents together, and if ever needed as an escape route.

Do we need a Snow Slide?

Snow Slides are a popular addition. They are designed to keep snow from building up on your tent roof. They also work as a heat saver, adding extra warmth to your tent. Snow Slides are made from urethane coated nylon, It is white in color and custom built to match your tent. Bravo! Snow Slides are designed to perform trouble free for years.

Do we need a floor?

Like Snow Slides we sell a lot of floors. A tarped tent stays warmer and cleaner. Bravo! floor tarps are constructed of 18 oz. coated polyester (truck tarp). They are extremely tough and have good body. Floor tarps also pull double duty for about any job all year long.

How big of a stove do we need?

When considering stove size you need to look at the issues of use, weight, volume, strength, and performance. We view a well built stove like a gas tank; for us volume is everything regard less of said burn time! Remember dampers control heat, volume determines log size and burn time. Bravo! carries several brand of stoves to meet the individual needs of our different customers.

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John, I know how much thought and hands-on camping experience you put into your tents and the proof is in the pudding. If anyone asks me I’ll be telling them that IMHO a Bravo tent with the high wind package and snow slide would be a wise choice if you are late season elk hunting.

Tom Lawler

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