Bravo! MFG. INC.

Bravo’s Extreme Heat stove jack is the most advanced stove jack on the market today.   Temperatures in a stove pipe can reach 1000 degrees or more and can quickly overheat a run of the mill stove jack leaving you vulnerable to “ problems “ like burning fabric, smoke and damage.

Bravo continually replaces torn and burned out stove jacks on  “ other tents “,  some with extensive fire damage due to abrasion and over heating. These  fire damage issues occur when the stove jack’s fabric comes in direct contact with the hot stove pipe.

Bravo’s Extreme heat stove jack has solved the problem of abrasion and overheating by installing an aluminum contact ring around the circumference of the tube which adds a measure of protection where it’s needed most. When it comes to safety and peace of mind, the Bravo Extreme Heat stove jack gets the job done with protection you can trust.

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